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This is my cutting horse, "Chunky".

For you cutting horse folks out there, his real name is Starlight Merada and he is an "own son" of Gray's Starlight. He is the finest horse I've ever thrown a leg over. He is electrifying in the cutting pen, athletic, powerful, fast, and silky smooth. You can cut cattle one day and waltz down some country lane the next just as peaceable as can be. He is the most pleasant, intelligent, and thoroughly enjoyable horse I have ever known.


This is Chunk after winning "High Point" in the Open class at the Paris Fairgrounds, Ontario, Canada. Rick DuBay rode him in the Open, I rode him in the $35,000 Non-Pro and the $2,000 Limit. Two years in a row Chunky took "High Point" in both the $2,000 and in the Open with Rick. His name is inscribed on that trophy which is on permanent display at the Fairgrounds. If you are not familiar with "cutting", Google "The Thrill of Cutting" on Youtube. It was produced by the NCHA and is a pretty good display of what we "weekend cutters" do for entertainment.

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