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2003 Pug Badlands

This Pug Badlands is one of the last built by the now-defunct Pug company. Powered by a 20 hp Kohler V-twin coupled to a Ford Escort 4 speed transaxle with Dana-Spicer differentials front and rear, the Pug is as near indestructible as a UTV can be made. The three axis pivot capability of the chassis enables the Badlands to travel the most difficult terrain one can find. The only time I have been able to stop the Pug is when driven up on a deep snow bank where the frame came to rest with all four wheels off the ground. But as long as it has traction, it is virtually unstoppable.

It has a dump box capacity of over one ton and I can tow my three horse slant-load trailer with it. Mine has an enclosed cab which is easily removed. A heater does not appear necessary as body heat from two passengers keeps the cab warm in winter. We have found it to be a rugged and dependable workhorse out at the farm. Perhaps the best feature is that every "wear part" like brakes, bearings, hydraulics, etc., can be purchased over-the-counter at a farm & fleet or automotive parts store. It is entirely American made. 


A couple of these photos are from old Pug literature. We wish the vehicle was still in production but it appears that they are gone from the commercial map. Too bad. It is a one-of-a-kind UTV.


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